Nag Cawm Seej, a play by Hmong students at UW-La Crosse on April 25, 2015


SUAB HMONG NEWS – April 25, 2015, La Crosse, Wisconsin was the 8th Annual Hmong Culture Night event hosted by Hmong Organization Promoting Education (HOPE) at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.
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A Play by Hmong Students at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse titled “Nag Cawm Seej” was the main attraction at the 8th Annual Hmong Culture Night event.

a0CLICK HERE to watch Part 1 of “Nag Cawm Seej”

a0CLICK HERE to watch Part 2 of “Nag Cawm Seej”

Brief description of “Nag Cawm Seej”: Grandma tells a story to her children about a faraway land where there is a king and queen who watches over heaven. In heaven, the king has seven daughters who enjoy wandering the rose palace. One day, the youngest daughter, Nkauj Nag wanders alone in the rose palace and hears a sound that she has never heard of before. Watch as the story unfolds to see where the sound takes Nkauj Nag.

“Nag Cawm Seej” was written by Pa Choua Lor, Yi Xiong, and Vang Moua.

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