National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee’s 6th Annual Conference in Sheboygan, Wisconsin


Milwaukee, WI — Many representatives of National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee (NGDC) from other states and other countries participated in its 6th annual conference in Sheboygan, Wisconsin from September 28 through September 30, 2012.

Click here to watch SHIBC News exclusive interviewed Ruby ‘Nkauj Mog Mim” Her, Youth Coordinator for NHGDC.

Click here to watch SHIBC News exclusive interviewed Vang Xiong, Chair of NHGDC.

There were goals set for each state to raise money to support NHGDC’s vision and mission. Ms. Ruby ‘Nkauj Mog Mim’ Her, 2010 Miss Hmong International and Youth Coordinator for National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee, raised $10,000 dollars in Sacramento, CA for the committee. Ms. Her said that there were some negative feedbacks from Hmong individuals during her donation processed. She also added that there are a handful of representatives that are on the committee that have not done their responsibilities for the committee. “If you lie to your self, please step down and let some one else step up for the committee,” said Ms. Her.

Victor Moua, a NHGDC representative from France, said that there will be a NHGDC conference in France during the month of April 2013. He will make public the details and the date of the conference in the near future. He invites every one to join the conference in France.

David Chamber, a student from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, spent two months at Wat Thamkrabok researching on the Hmong graves dug by a Thai organization. He explained that the monks told him the reason they dug Hmong graves was that the surrounding Thai community complained about Hmong graves contaminating the area, however, when he went around and ask the surrounding Thai communities, he did not find any evidence to support what the monks said.

NHGDC, established since 2005, is to monitor and find solutions to Hmong graves dug by a Thai organization in Thailand, is calling for support from the Hmong community in two areas, signing the petition and donating money to help support NHDGC’s mission and vision to bury the bones that belong to more than 200, now identified bodies, that are still in Thailand.

Richard Wanglue Vang, Executive Producer for SHIBC News and representation of Hmong Report, presented a 15-minute highlight video of the grave sites in the former Refugee Camps in Thailand. The highlighted video will be presented at the NHDGC Wisconsin Chapter’s fundraising in La Crosse, Wisconsin on October 20, 2012. This highlighted video is not available on any of the public media.