Nhia Tou Lor concerns on a video contained a storyline he believed is destroying the name of Hmong

SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/17/2016) – Nhia Tou Lor has been reaching to Suab Hmong News to voice his concerns on a video published on Youtube that contained storyline he believed is inappropriate and destroying the name of Hmong produced by an American who is now living in Luang Prabang, Laos.
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a0CLICK HERE to watch the Suab Hmong News exclusive phone interview Nhia Tou Lor on his concerns about the storyline.
Mr. Lor said he did not know about the video (storyline) until other Hmong discussed it on one of the phone conference call.
“I felt that the storyline on the video this American man produced is not suitable for Hmong around the world… the storyline indicated that a Hmong man married a dog and within three years the dog had three daughters which is inappropriate about the Hmong people…” said Nhia Tou Lor.
Mr. Lor said he contacted and discussed his concerns with the producer but the producer labeled Mr. Lor as a terrorist.  Mr. Lor also contacted the United States Embassy in Vientiane, Laos and the Lao Embassy in the United States but so far with no luck.
“The United States Embassy in Vientiane gave this American man the fund to produce the video so the United States Embassy in Vientiane does not wanted to be a part of it” said Nhia Tou Lor.
Mr. Lor indicated that he has a team of two who are waiting for Mr. Lor to make decision on how to pursue the case.
To get more detail information on this case and on the latest development of this case, contact Nhia Tou Lor at 402-651-8865.