NHO is calling for more Hmong studies programs at Metropolitan University

SUAB HMONG NEWS (02/27/2017) – National Hmong Organization (HNO) based in St. Paul, Minnesota held a welcome event for the representatives from Metropolitan and St. Cloud University in St. Paul, Minnesota on February 25, 2017.

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Dr. Shoua Thao, a representative of HNO, said the purpose of the event is to have the representatives from both universities, Metropolitan and St. Cloud University, to present at the event to have a dialog on education opportunity for Hmong students and to ask Metropolitan University to open a Hmong Studies department.
“Soon our parents who have the knowledge of Hmong culture and custom will pass away and Hmong younger generation do not know much of the Hmong Culture and Custom.  Now a day, most of Hmong younger generation do not speak Hmong.  This is why we are asking if possible to create a Hmong Studies Department at Metropolitan University and to hire a Hmong professor to manage and teach Hmong Cultures and Custom” said  Dr. Shoua Thao.
Dr. Neal Thao said the Hmong community should have a unique way to maintain Hmong Culture and Custom.
“Every Hmong must know how to speak Hmong, know their culture and custom” said Dr. Neal Thao.
Dr. Ginny Arthur, President of Metropolitan University, said she will follow up with the requested to open a Hmong Studies Department at Metropolitan University in March with the Hmong community.
“I am really pleased that we are going to have a follow up opportunity next month in March because the Hmong community will be on our campus… we have sometimes to sit down and further our conversation” said Dr. Ginny Arthur.