Nkauj Iab Nraug Oo planned to perform in Laos at the end of 2015


SUAB HMONG NEWS – A Hmong Dancer Group “Nkauj Iab Nraug Oo” planned to perform in Laos during the Hmong New Year in Laos during December 2015.

to watch Suab Hmong E-News exclusive interview Nkauj Iab Nraug Oo at the 40 Years Honoring General Vang Pao event on May 30, 2015.

Alaya Lee, the lead and the trainer for the group, said that the group planned to perform in Laos since 2012. “We planned to go to Laos and Thailand to showcase Hmong-American dance since 2012 but we never reached that goal and this year we wanted to push to go.” Said Alaya Lee.

The Nkauj Iab Nraug Oo group planned to perform with the Nasala Dancer Group at many places in Laos included Ban KM52.

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