On way to prison, defendant tells prosecutor: ‘Better hope I don’t get out’

 By Pablo Lopez — 10/11/2016 — A Fresno man was sentenced Tuesday in Fresno County Superior Court to 44 years to life in prison for shooting his unarmed friend in the back in a domestic violence case.
Before George Xeng Fang was sentenced he took a verbal shot at prosecutor Andrew Janz: “Better hope I don’t get out.”
In July, a jury found Fang, 33, guilty of assault with a firearm, being a felon in possession of a gun and shooting at an inhabited dwelling in the shooting of Dao Vang in February.
During the trial, Janz contended that Fang shot Vang twice in the back after falsely accusing Vang of hiding Fang’s estranged wife.
On Tuesday, Janz said he believed Fang’s words constituted a threat. He also said Fang is one of 17 criminals that prosecutors keep a close eye on when they are released from prison.
Under Proposition 57, the early release initiative on the November ballot, Fang could accrue time credits faster and be released early, Janz said.
“He’s the kind of defendant that should never get out because of his long history of violence,” Janz said.
In 2009, Fang pleaded no contest to shooting at an occupied car in exchange for a prison sentence of five years, court records say.
Fresno police say Fang shotChua Yang in the leg on Nov. 7, 2008. Yang told police he and Fang were friends until Fang accused him of “messing” with Fang’s girlfriend. Fang later admitted to police he shot the unarmed Yang out of anger.
After being released from prison, Fang was convicted in 2012 of felony corporal injury on his wife after he accused her of cheating. Fresno police say he was high on methamphetamine when he choked her, slugged her in the face and used scissors to cut off her hair. Fang was sentenced to seven years in prison.
Soon after his release from prison in September last year, he began living with his wife in violation of the restraining order, Janz said. Fresno police arrested him in February this year after his wife reported that he punched her and cut off some of her hair after he accused her of cheating.
Fang was released from jail when his estranged wife declined to cooperate with authorities. Soon after his release, Fang began looking for his estranged wife.