President Trump said people can wear face mask but he preferred scarf because it is better


SUAB HMONG NEWS (04/01/2020) – During the White House daily briefing on April 1, 2020, a question asked from one of the reporter to president Trump “What about the public? Should we be wearing mask out? We heard lot of different recommendations?”  And President Trump replied that he does not see any issue for the public to wear face mask but he preferred wearing scarf because it is better.

“I don’t believe it will be a big thing.  A lot of People don’t like it.   Some people don’t like it because you take them away from the medical professional.  Some people don’t like it for other reasons.  I don’t see where it hurts and it does not have to be a mask, it can be a scarf.  Scarf is highly recommended by the professionals.   I don’t see where it hurts.  Frankly, I think if people wanted to do… we don’t want to do anything is going to take tremendous masks away from our medical professionals but I don’t see it is hurting but what I see what people is doing now is using scarf and I think in a certain way depend on the fabric.  I think certain way scarf is better.  It is actually better.”  Said president Trump.

Many health experts said wearing face mask can protect people from infection of the COVID-19 up to 50%.

A survey in Hong Kong indicated that more than 97% of the Hong Kong people use face masks to prevent themselves from droplets and the infection of the COVID-19.