Press Release: 2015 La Crosse Hmong New Year Festival


For Immediate Release
September 4, 2015

Contact: Mai Vang
(608) 304­7705


La Crosse, WI ­ The Hmoob Cultural and Community Agency (HCCA) is celebrating 40 years in America at the Annual Hmong New Year Festival at the CRUSA Soccer Fields by adding a Hmong language singing contest and fashion show. Admissions to the fields is $5 per person per day.
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“The Singing Contest and Fashion Show represent two important aspects of Hmong culture; language and our traditional dress,” says HCCA Executive Director, Xong Xiong. “We want to celebrate that as we reflect on the last 40 years in the U.S.”

The show coordinator, Alyssa Yang explains the importance of fashion. “Our beautiful and vibrant
Hmong clothes are expressions of our culture,” Yang says. “Traditional Hmong clothing has evolved over time and are still a major part of who we are. We hope the public will enjoy the show.”

In addition to the contest and fashion show, three dance groups will perform traditional Hmong dances
throughout the weekend. The stage is open to the community as well. Singers and performers are
welcome to showcase their skills by signing up in advance or on Saturday at the Festival.

The volleyball and soccer tournaments are a staple of the La Crosse Hmong New Year Festival and finals often continue late into Sunday evening. Sports plays an important role, according to Volleyball Chairman Blong Vang. “Sports draws in the largest and most dedicated crowds every year because of the prizes,” says Vang. “Without sports, our event wouldn’t be the second largest Hmong New Year in the state.”

Everything from fried chicken to pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup and favorite dish among many
Hmong food lovers, can be found at the Festival. Many of the merchandise vendors offer hand­made and free trade items that often sell for more at mass produced corporate stores.

More information on the HNY Festival and tournament registration can be found at the HCCA website.­new­year/


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