Press Release: Luna Vang’s EP Fundraising Concert


For Press Release


Sacramento, California November 1, 2014 – Twenty Artists take center stage at The Sacramento Guild Theater to help raise fundings for a young singer; Luna Vang. All ticketʼs sales will go toward Luna Vangʼs EP and donated to Thaxim for the youthʼs instrument give away which will take place at the Sacramento Hmong New Years.
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“Peb Hmoob tub, ntxhais hu nkauj thiab nyiam seev cev tau sib sau uake, koom ib lub sam thiaj los pab tus nxthais Luna Vang mus txog nws lub hom phiaj,” said Taylor Vang. Kuv zoo siab tias hauv peb lub Hmong community muaj ntau tus yuas pab thiab txhawb nqa peb cov hluas kev npau suav.”

Luna Vang began her music career performing at high school events, Hmong idol competitions, local shows and venues. She dreams to one day share her music and inspire others through her creative work. Only 16 years old, Luna will hold her first concert with the help of Taylor Vang; the founder of Thaxim.

“Im excited to share a stage with my all my Idols,” said Luna Vang. Its a dream come true. I am nervous and I greatly appreciate all their support.”

For concert and ticket information contact



Cell: (916) 706-7966
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