Reactions from the peace march for Dylan in Wausau, WI

SUAB HMONG NEWS (06/02/2016) – An estimated more than 1,000 Hmong show up for the peace march in Wausau calling the Marathon County Court to reconsider the verdict given to Dylan Yang who was 15 years-old when the incident happened in Wausau, Wisconsin back in early 2015.   
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a0CLICK HERE to watch the full insight of Suab Hmong News Special Coverage of the Peace March for Dylan in Wausau, WI on May 31, 2016.
Mayor of City of Wausau, Robert B. Mielke, and member of the Marathon County Administrator, Brad Jarger, were part of the community speech at the peace march for Dylan Yang.
“I think Dylan was 15 years-old when the crime was committed and the court system needs to take that into an account…   It needs sentencing that emphasize rehabilitation not punishment” said Brad Jarger, Administrator Marathon County.
Touger Bennett Xiong, Member, Coalition for Community Relations (CCR), a MN & WI Concerned Citizens Council for Building and Fostering Positive Race Relations, said the Hmong community need to be proactive on case similar like the Dylan Yang’s case.   “Hmong tend to be reactionary and wait after the action.  We need to be proactive and act on while the case is ongoing” said Touger Bennett Xiong.
Xiong hope that the peace march has an impact to change the judge decision on the Dylan Yang’s case.
Dylan Yang is scheduled to be sentencing on July 12, 2016.