Richard Wanglue Vang’s Second Music Video “Tsis Muaj Koj” Released on Social Network


“Tsis Muaj Koj” translated in English as “Wish You Were Here” is the title of Richard Wanglue Vang’s second new song released to the Social Network on February 23, 2013.

Click here to watch the music video of the song ‘Tsis Muaj Koj”.
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to watch and listen to Richard Wanglue Vang other music video title “Pom Koj Nag Hmo”.

“I wrote the lyric of this song when I was in high school and composed it and recorded it at my studio… This song has a very unique meaning to me and it brought back a lot of memories from my high school days… I attended High School in Missoula, MT.  We had short summer season and very long winter season especially in the Midwest of the state… The long winter season always depressed, white snow almost everywhere, but the summer time was very beautiful… you could just drive up to the mountain and listen to the birds sing and enjoy the beautiful flowers and the natures… and the color and fresh air of the country side… with this, my mind wondered a lot and somehow I came up with the lyric… if you listen to the song, is more toward a couple or lover that they now apart… but actually the song written to wish someone special was with me at the time…” said Richard Wanglue Vang.

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The persons you see on the music video are all actresses and actors.  All video footage shot at locations in Thailand.

Actress: Bebe
Actor: Rick (Richard) W. Vang

Director: Richard W. Vang
Videography: Chen Yang and Richard W. Vang
Location Coordinator: Chen Yang

Editor: Richard W. Vang
Producer: Richard W. Vang
Song Lyric written by Richard W. Vang
Music composition and recorded by Richard W. Vang
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