Security will be tighter at 2019 Hmong J4 event in St. Paul, MN


SUAB HMONG NEWS (07/03/2019) – A Press Conference held in St. Paul, MN by the United Hmong Family to respond to a flyer indicating a shooting will be taking place at the 2019 Hmong J4 event which will be held on July 6 and 7, 2019.

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Peter Pha, CEO of United Hmong Family, said last week at Hmongtown event, there’s a flyer posted on windows indicating that there will be shooting at Hmong J4 event.  “This flyer surfaced on the Social Media and the community worry about it so I invited the police department to respond to it” said Peter Pha.

The police said they are investigating the flyer to see who is behind it.  The police also said that all bags will be checked at all entries during the two days event and long line waiting will be expected for both day.

“We are asking that you are coming with minimum amount of personal property so coming through the bag check will be faster and easier and the line won’t take long to get through” said the police.