Seexeng Lee’s arts showcase in Sheboygan, Wisconsin 2012


SHIBC News exclusive interviewed Seexeng Lee, Hmong Artist, during his art showcase at Hmong 18 Clan Council event in Sheboygan, Wisconsin during 2012.

Click here to watch SHIBC News exclusive interviewed Seexeng Lee.

Below is Seexeng’s biography taken from Seexeng’s website
Seexeng Lee journeyed from the land of the Mekong to Minnesota in 1984. His first awareness of a desire to create was while drawing pictures with a stick in the soil of Ban Vinai refugee camp in Thailand. Minnesota became home and Seexeng subsequently received his formal education in the Minneapolis Public Schools followed by a degree in Studio Art and Art Education from Augsburg College.   Because art was not considered a practical life in Hmong culture, Seexeng became an Art Teacher. This allowed him to earn a living for his family, to further his passion as a creative artist and become an increasingly influential voice in the Hmong community.

His inspiration flows from the meeting of two cultures, American culture broadly defined, and Hmong culture as it adapts and changes in a new land. “Some say that living with the collision of two cultures is a burden but I find it a blessing in disguise.” The more he delves into art, the more he learns about his roots. Through his art, Seexeng strives to preserve Hmong culture, while also inspiring Hmong youth to examine and define what it means to be Hmong.

Seexeng currently teaches Art at Minneapolis Thomas Edison High School. Recent commissions include murals for the cities of Wadena, the St Paul Dragon Festival, Concordia University, Northpoint Wellness center and others. Seexeng’s invites persons of all races to enjoy his art, learn what it means to be Hmong, and appreciate an ancient culture in a new homeland.