Senator Foung Hawj (MN) is calling Wisconsin Hmong Communities to vote for Mary Burke


(SHB) – Senator Foung Hawj is calling Wisconsin Hmong Communities to vote for Mary Burke for Governor of Wisconsin on November 4, 2014.
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“Our goal is to meet Hmong in Wausau, in Appleton, and in Milwaukee to tell them to go out and vote for Mary Burke because the race scores are very close and Hmong could make the different for the winner…” said Senator Foung Hawj.

Sen. Hawj continued said that by going out to vote will have impact on politicians’ point of views on the Hmong community.  “I’ve done many things to help the people I am representing in Minnesota… I think the Governor here would like to help as I do to you but when they see that Hmong voters turned out very low, they may not treat the helps that you wanted in a high priority… so voting is very important… it doesn’t matter what party you are voting for, if we go out and vote… the politicians will look at us more important because our voting records…” Said Sen. Hawj.

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