Senator Foung Hawj’s Appreciation Party — March 2, 2013


Milwaukee, WI — More than 1,000 people came all over the United States to participate in Senator Foung Hawj’s appreciation party held at Prom Catering in Oakdale, Minnesota on March 2, 2013. Mark Dayton (Governor of Minnesota), Chris Coleman (Mayor of the City of St. Paul), and many of Minnesota Legislatures participated in the party as well.

Click here to watch SHIBC News exclusive covered Foung Hawj’s appreciation party held on March 2, 2013.

“The purpose of this party is to thank all families and friends who have helped and supported Foung Hawj to win the State Senator seat in Minnesota. This is a private party from our family to those that have helped Foung Hawj…” said Cha Chao Her, Chair of the event.

Blong Xiong (City Council of Fresno) from Fresno, California also participated in the appreciation party, and said that Hmong leaders of tomorrow will always need the Hmong community to support one another.

“It is still hard work to move forward, but we should not be afraid of it anymore because we faced poverty situations enough. I would like the Hmong community to continue their support. I feel happy, but at the same time I feel sad because now I am the only Hmong elected State Official in the state of Minnesota, however, I will continue to work hard in this area. Let’s hope that in the next 5 to 6 years from now, we will have more representatives in DC, which is a higher level than this…” said Senator Foung Hawj.

Senator Foung Hawj continued that at the State Capitol he is in three different committees: employment, business and housing. He proposed a new bill to help the poor when healthcare was changed and the Governor signed it recently. “That is a good sign… I have only been in office for two months and the Governor already signed one of my bills,” said Senator Foung Hawj.

The next bill that Senator Foung Hawj hopes to pass is to build a monument at the State capitol to recognize Hmong Veterans. Questions on this article, contact us at