Seng Xiong arrested for wire fraud said St. Paul Police Department

 SUAB HMONG NEWS (04/11/2016) — St. Paul Police Department said the arrest of Seng Xiong is real and he is charged with wire fraud.

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Sergeant Michael Ernster, St. Paul Police Department Public Information Officer, said Seng Xiong is still in California waiting to extradite to Minnesota.  There is no confirmed date when Seng Xiong will be in Minnesota.

“Right now they are working in getting Seng Xiong to Minnesota so the extradition process will happen.  This will be a long slow process.  People just need to be patient but it is happening.  He is in custody and people should stop sending him money” said Michael Ernster, St. Paul Police Department Public Information Officer.

The following are quote from Sergeant Michael Ernster:
“The suspect (Seng Xiong) is in custody and facing charges. This is the same Seng Xiong people in the community have been working with and giving money too.  Providing him money does not make them a suspect. They are victims.  Investigators are not looking for any other suspects.  The complex investigation is ongoing. No one should be giving any more money.  Any information of criminal activity or victimization should be reported to your local police authorities or send email the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force directly at”

Suab Hmong News contacted a representative of Hmong Tebchaws in St. Paul, Minnesota on April 9, 2016 and he replied “We are not ready to meet to discuss the case of Seng Xiong at this time.”

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