SHIBC News and Entertainment program is now available on TV channel 15 in the twin cities


Milwaukee, WI — If you live in the twin cities St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota and you have TV Cable through Comcast, you will be able to watch SHIBC News and Entertainment on Channel 15 at a certain schedule of the week.   Please check with Kangyee Vang (phone: 651-231-2143), SHIBC News Corresponding in Minnesota, for exact on air programming schedule.
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SHIBC News corresponding in the twin cities:
Kangyee Vang, Videography and Program Manager
Qu Kue, Field Reporter
Paolee Vang, Field Reporter and Radio Host for Christian words and Hmong Entertainment on Suab Hmong Radio.

SHIBC News head quarter is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Richard Wanglue Vang, Executive Producer for both TV and Radio programming, News Anchor, Field Reporter, Videography, and Editor for TV and Radio programming.
Victor M. Vaj, Field Reporter and Radio host for Victor TalkShow
Hnuchee Wanglue Vang, Editorial for SHIBC News major column articles
Maylee Vang, Videography

SHIBC News is affiliated with Hmong Report (Hmong TV on CrossingTV) and Hmong Neej Tshiab Radio in Sacramento, California. If you live in Sacramento, California, you can watch SHIBC News on Hmong Report broadcast on TV Channel 8.1.

Click here to watch SHIBC News and Entertainment Channel on YouTube.

SHIBC News is a base news for the Hmong community since May 11, 2000. We cover our news and entertainment locally, nationally, and internationally.   All SHIBC staff are volunteers.

If you have a FaceBook account, you can follow SHIBC News up to date on what is happening in the Hmong community and be able to chat with Suab Hmong staff online.

FaceBook for:
Suab Hmong Broadcasting (Also Richard Wanglue Vang)
Victor M. Vaj
Paolee Vang
Qu Que

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