Special Report: SHIBC and HR Exclusive Coverage Why Hmong Vietnam Flees to Thailand


Suab Hmong Broadcasting (SHIBC) and Hmong Report (HR) exclusive interviewed a Hmong who fled Vietnam to Thailand to prevent prosecution for practicing Christian religion.

Click here to watch Richard Wanglue, SHIBC and HR, exclusive interviewed.

There are about 11 Hmong families from Laos and Vietnam that live near Wat Thamkrabot, Thailand. They are now seeking a way to settle into third country after they fled Vietnam.  Suab Hmong and Hmong Report exclusive interviewed of one Hmong family from Vietnam on how and why they decided to flee Vietnam to Thailand.

“Vietnam does not allow us to gather and worship the Christian religion… every Sunday, we worship behind close doors by listening to the religion program on the radio…” said the Hmong man, who was interviewed and requested to stay anonymous. {sidebar id=1}
Through this article, we will call him “Mr. A.”

Mr. A continued that another reason he decided to take his family and flee to Thailand was because he was caught worshiping the Christian religion.  “The only way to stay alive is to flee the country,” said with Mr. A.  Many Hmong families are in the same situation and have fled to China, while others have been prosecuted.  

“I just came back from Bangkok yesterday… I met with the UN official…” said Mr. A.
Mr. A survives in Thailand by working odd jobs day by day to buy food and to afford the rent where his family and he stay.  He earns about 250 baht per day, which is equivalent to $8.34 U.S. dollars.  He pays about 1700 baht for his rented place, and has to use his earning sparingly, to provide food and other necessities for his family.

“Thai people are very nice to us here… they let us rent their houses and pay us to work on their farms… we live here illegally… and of course, the UN knows we live here like this,” said Mr. A.
We asked if he was given the opportunity to start a new life in any country, which country would he like to go to, and he replied that he did not want to go to another country.  All he wants is to have the freedom of religion for the Hmong people in Vietnam.

“There are about 100 Hmong families that fled from Vietnam seeking the freedom of their religion in Bangkok…” Mr. A said.

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