Statue to honor Hmong Veterans in Wausau, WI will be unveiled on 09/24/2016

SUAB HMONG NEWS (09/12/2016) – A statue to honor Hmong Veterans in Wausau, Wisconsin will be unveiled on September 24, 2016 starting at 10:00 AM.

CLICK HERE to watch Press Release from TongBlia Xiong on the Suab Hmong News.

“This statue created to honor Hmong Veterans… I invited everyone to come up to Wausau, Wisconsin to join us for the opening day on September 24, 2016” said TongBlia Xiong, Coordinator of the statue.

TongBlia Xiong continues said some of the major program will be included giving each flower to honor the following: General Vang Pao, Former Pilots, Former Police, Former Nurses, Former Teacher, Former City Representatives, and everyone.

For more information, contact TongBlia Xiong at 715-302-5451.