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SHIBC News Channel recent uploaded of Hmong J4 event coverage episodes are:
• Qu Kue interviewed Dolly Yang, a contestant for the 2012 LFC Miss Hmong Teen pageant
• Qu Kue interview LFC entertainment lead
• Victor M. Vaj interviews Peter Pao Vang, a judge for the 2012 LGS Miss Hmong Teen pageant

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We will be back on our regular news programming every Tuesday evening begins July 31th, 2012.  Below are our upcoming News programming:{sidebar id=1} 
• July 31, 2012: Lao, Hmong American Memorial in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
 August 7, 2012: T28 Hmong Pilots Reunion in St. Paul, Minnesota
• August 14, 2012: 2nd Annual Hmong American Association, Inc’s graduation event, Appleton, Wisconsin
• August 21, 2012: Hmong Military Region 2 Morse Code Radio Operators Re-union, St. Paul, Minnesota
• August 28, 2012: Exclusive interviewed a Hmong-lao fled Laos to Thailand, now living in Thailand; why and how he fled Laos and how was his journey from Laos to Thailand and how he is surviving in Thailand now.
• September 1, 2012: Highlight Day 1 Wisconsin Hmong Labor Day event from Oshkosh, Wisconsin
• September 2, 2012: Highlight Day 2 Wisconsin Hmong Labor Day event from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
 September 4, 2012: Exclusive interviewed Kaying Vang, a Hmong Actor, Producer, and Director in Thailand.  The interviewed taken place in Ban Khetnoy, Thailand
• September 11, 2012: Full coverage of Wisconsin Hmong Labor Day from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
 September 18, 2012: A Hmong woman in Vietnam married a Westerner.
• More programs to be announced…

All special coverage news TV and Radio programs are produced by Richard Wanglue Vang.

If there is/are breaking news, we will be broadcasting them instantly on our SHIBC News Channel.

If you live in the Sacramento, California area, some of our special coverage news and entertainments broadcast on the Hmong TV on channel 8.1.

If you live in the Fresno, California area, some of our special coverage news and entertainment broadcast on the Hmong International TV program on Hmong TV Network.

Some of our special news coverage programs in audio format play by Hmong Radios throughout the United States and other countries.

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