Suab Hmong Broadcasting upcoming tentative programming scheduled


MILWAUKEE, WI (SHB) – As February 13, 2015, the following listing scheduled are Suab Hmong Broadcasting upcoming tentative programs scheduled to be broadcasted on Suab Hmong News Channel for the month of February 2015. 

·         2015 UWM Hmong Student New Year Celebration
·         Follow up with Kiatou Yang and ChuPheng Lee on the report of Hmong July 4th event
·         Event to support Hmong sister who no longer have partner
·         Senator Foung Hawj takes Hmong Elder group to ride Light Rail
·         Hmong Museum of Minnesota event
·         Special Coverage of Hmong Development Foundation in Thailand
·         Special Coverage Hmong-Thai New Year from Tat and Chiangmai
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