Suab Pej Xeem organization

Suab Pej Xeem organization held a meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 1, 2013 to launch their vision and mission for the Hmong Community.

Click here to watch SHIBC News exclusive covered Suab Pej Xeem meeting and interviewed Xia Thao Moua, Chair of Sub Pej Xeem, on the Vision and Mission of Suab Pej Xeem organization.

Xia Thao Moua, Chair of Suab Pej Xeem Organization, said that Suab Pe jXeem Organization established after General VangPao passed away. “We see that Hmong Community are facing many issues such as issues at Hmong New Year Celebrations, issues on Hmong event like July 4th, and beside that Hmong created too many Religion believed groups and other organizations that make the Hmong community split and loose trust.  Then some of us came together to find a solution and that solution is to have an election to elect a Hmong leader”.

Xia Thao Moua continued said that his group will be working with Hmong entrepreneurs, Hmong educators, Friends and families, throughout the Hmong Community to come together to have an election to elect a Hmong leader.

“St. Paul, Minnesota was our first meeting because most of Hmong businesses and educators are here” said Xia ThaoMoua.

Shong Kao Xiong, former School Principal in Laos, disappointed that words about the Suab Pej Xeem did not get into his group in IOWA State.

May Vang, Hosts of a Phone Conference called “PhoojYwg Radio”, said that the reason she came all the way from California to participate the event was that she sees Hmong still like to find way to help and organize the Hmong Community.