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Laos first official cases effected with the COVID-19

SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/24/2020) – Laos records its first two effected COVID-19 on March 24, 2020.  The two cases include a male 28-year-old and...

Democrats block key vote on $2 trillion coronavirus bill on Monday

SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/23/2020) – While the increasing COVID-19 effecting the American population each hour, the democrats blocked a $2 trillion coronavirus bill for...

How to protect yourself and your love ones from the COVID-19

SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/22/2020) -- The following information provided by Dr. Pao Saykao in Australia on how to prevent you and your love ones...

No more than 10 people gathering in Wisconsin

SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/21/2020) – The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is issuing an emergency order banning gathering of 10 persons or more to...