Thai band apologizes and take fully responsibility on what they called Hmong “MEO” and said that Hmong never take shower


(SHB) – The Thai band officially sent an apologize to the Hmong community after Hmong-Thai and Hmong abroad took actions to awareness the Hmong community around the world

Click here to watch the leader of the Thai band issued an apology to the Hmong community.

The manager of the Thai band “Luk Lae” issued an official apology to the Hmong community on what he called Hmong “MEO” and said that Hmong never take shower during the Family Gang (FG) show on Thai TV Channel 3 in Thailand.

“I am begging for forgiveness and take fully responsibility my self on what I’ve said…” said the Thai band manager.

Many Hmong individuals around the world still feel that the apology issued by the Thai band leader who called Hmong “Meo” and said Meo never take shower is not enough and they wanted Thai TV Channel 3 to make a public apology since it broadcasted the show and it reached million of its viewers in Thailand.

Thailand is a country that generates most of its income for its population from tourists from all over the world. Estimated more than 26.7 million visitors visited Thailand during the 2013.

Hmong population in Thailand is about 180,000. Majority of Hmong population live on the North part of Thailand. Hmong villages on the Northern Thailand are part of the major attractions in Thailand to draw tourist to.