THING TO KNOW: What you should know inside airlines

SUAB HMONG NEWS (04/29/2016) — Many of us fly many times per month or/and per year without notice some of the finding secrets inside the airplane. After you read this article, you will be more aware on what are inside the airline for your next flight.

16 secrets you’ll WISH you didn’t know about airlines

We breathe the air from the engine
According to one anonymous pilot, the oxygen you breath on a plane is effectively pressurized air which comes from the engines. Around 25% of that air goes to the cockpit, whilst the rest is circulated around the cabin. Air leaves the plane via a small hole at the back of the fuselage.

You can unlock the toilets from the outside
You may have already seen a steward doing this. But one particular cabin crew member told Reddit that on many planes, you’ll find a hidden mechanism behind the ‘No Smoking’ sign on the door. Just lift the flap and slide the lock to open.

Lights off to prepare you for an emergeny evacuation
When the pilot switches the lights off for landing, it’s not to help you sleep. One steward revealed that when a plane lands at night, they dim the cabin lights in case you have to evacuate. Your eyes are already adjusted to the dark so you’ll be able to see better once outside.

The pillows and blankets are not washed between each flight
As well as those, it’s likely that your tray table is also harboring a bunch of germs. One air hostess with over 20 years experience said she had never once seen the tables cleaned or disinfected when she worked at Southwest. Nevertheless, she claimed to have watched mums changing their babies before watching passengers later in the day eating from the very same table.

On board, the pilot is king
According to an English co-pilot, once the doors are closed the pilot has absolute power. He is authorized to place passengers under arrest, give out fines and even grant dying passengers their last wishes.

You can be upgraded to first class, even after take off
According to an anonymous hostess, she is allowed to offer upgrades to first or business class once the doors of the plane are closed. She adds that it is not done often, mainly because most airlines ask for a report explaining why a passenger was moved, though also because they must have an extra meal prepared or sometimes because the front cabins are already full.

Pilots sleep during the flight
One retired pilot admitted that between 43% and 54% of all pilots admit having fallen asleep whilst flying a plane full of passengers. Rather precise statistics, but nonetheless a scary thought…

People actually steal the life jackets
One aviation expert said that people have often been known to take the life jacket found under their seat as a souvenir of the flight. It’s a punishable crime and particularly horrendous because airlines don’t necessarily check each life jacket before take off. A plane can make several journeys a day, during which a passenger could steal a jacket and put the lives of subsequent fliers in danger.

What are the handles on either side of the emergency exits for?
According to the same expert, they are for cabin crew to hold on to during an evacuation. Once panic sets in, airlines have realized that the cabin crew members placed either side of the door are pushed, shoved and even pushed out of the plane by passengers in their urgency to leave. The handles are there to make sure that the crew remain close to the doors.

Ask your host/hostess for a whole can of coke
A hostess working for a French airline said that when passengers ask for a coke or a juice, it is usually served in a plastic glass that’s smaller than the entire can. Usually the passenger is satisfied and the airline saves money. However, you are entirely within your rights to ask the steward for the entire can and they must give it to you.

The yellow masks only give you 15 minutes of oxygen
Once the oxygen masks are deployed, they provide roughly 15 minutes of breathable air. Reassuringly, says one pilot, that’s more than enough time for the pilot to drop the plane to a much lower altitude where you can breathe normally without assistance.

You can either sleep or eat
Sometimes the cabin crew will hold off on serving dinner in the hopes that passengers will fall asleep. On nighttime flights, says a hostess for a British airline, we serve the meal at the last possible moment, hoping that passengers will fall asleep and we’ll have less to do.

Never touch the water on board
One steward, Gruntman, says that you should NEVER drink water on board that doesn’t come from a bottle. Don’t even touch it. Basically, he explains, the drainage system for the toilets and the drinking water tank are just inches from each other and often both are cleaned by the same technician.

Cabin crew are only paid once the plane doors are closed
According to one anonymous hostess, certain airlines no longer pay their crews from when they arrive at the airport. Only once the plane doors are closed does the clock start. Therefore, if your plane is delayed, your cabin crew are probably just as annoyed as you are, if not more. Apparently not all companies are the same, but often it’s a way of saving money.

The two pilots are never served the same meal
To ensure that both pilots don’t fall ill at the same time, they eat different meals and are restricted from sharing. Rest assured, there’ll always be one around to land the plane safely.

Cabin crew aren’t obliged to follow the same rules as passengers when it comes to their mobile phones. Air hostess Audrey commented that as soon as the crew has ordered everyone to turn off their electronic equipment, they all go to the back of the plane, get their phones out and start sending texts to their families to let them know that the plane will be on time.

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