Things to know when contacting SHIBC for effective and accurate results


When you contacted us, we are looking for the following:
1.       You full REAL name
2.       Your REAL phone number
3.       Your REAL email
4.       Your questions and/or comments

Email to contact us is
or click here to use our online contact page.

When we received your questions and/or comments, our system will send you an auto respond. If the auto respond email went through successfully then we will follow up with a call with you and we will take the necessary actions on your questions and/or comments.

If you used nickname or bulky name, your email will be automatically deleted and no actions will be followed.

The best way to contact us is through email. We may reply your email with a minute but return your call maybe delay for an unknown period of time.

If you have FaceBook account, you could contact us through FaceBook as follow:{sidebar id=1}
Richard Wanglue Vang
Victor M. Vaj
Paolee Vang

You could chat with us (person to person) on FaceBook as well. We will make our self-available on FaceBook sometimes in the evening on U.S. Central Chicago time daily or every other day during the week.

For immediate news, please call us and if there is no answer, leave us a voicemail with the following info:
1.       Your full name
2.       Telephone number for us to call back

For song dedication to your love ones, write to this email
For  announcement (none commercial) on the radio, write to this email
For business adverstising info, write to
All other info, werite to

We hope this article will clarify in detail for contacting us.