Tips prepare you to get into Laos


Bangkok, Thailand (SHB) – Hundreds and thousands of Hmong from abroad are going into Laos each year during the month of November and December to celebrate the Hmong New Year with their love ones.

We hope the following tips will help you to get into Laos:
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1.       Check your passport to make sure it is not expire less than 6 months.

2.       If your passport will be expired less than six months and if you are not out of your origin country, renew your passport.

3.       If your passport will be expired less than six months and if you are in Thailand:

A.      Make an appointment online with the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok.

B.      Go to the U.S. Embassy and renew your passport to an emergency passport. It will take about 2 hours for the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok to make the emergency passport. It costs is $110.00 U.S. Dollars (you could renew it to a regular passport within one year for free).

C.      Before you depart Thailand, you will need to go to the nearest Thai Immigration office near the exit point to transfer your info from the old passport to the new emergency passport. Most Thai Immigration office opens at 8:30 AM.

4.       If your passport is not expire less than 6 months, you are good to go and apply for a Lao Visa.

5.       Get a Lao Visa:

a.       At the Lao Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand: Go to the Lao Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand and apply for a Lao Visa. It takes about 1 hour for the Lao Embassy in Bangkok to process a Lao Visa. You will know if you are approved to have a Lao Visa to go to Laos or not at this time. The advantage of applying the Lao Visa in Bangkok is that you do not have to make your trip to Laos if you are denied a Lao Visa by the Lao Embassy.

b.      At the border of Lao (All bridges or at the Wat Tay Airport): Apply your Lao Visa at all the borders or at the Wat Tay Airport will take about 10 minutes to 2 hours depend on how many people are at the border at the time. It costs $35.00 to get a Lao Visa for American and higher or lower for other countries. The disadvantage about applying the Lao Visa at the border is that if the Lao Immigration denied your Lao Visa, you will have to travel all the way back to your new destination.

If you planned to stay in a hotel, make sure you have the hotel name, address, and phone number or if you planned to stay with someone, make sure you have the person name, full address, and phone number. These are critical information, at least in 2014.

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