Travel 2017: EP1 – Arriving in Vientiane and tour night market at Chao Anou Park

Night market at Chao Anou Park, Vientiane, Laos.

SUAB HMONG TRAVEL (04/28/2018) – A group of us, 11 people, toured 15-day inside Laos and 15-day inside Thailand during the month of November and December 2017.

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To get into Laos, you need to have a Laos Visa.  You can get Laos Visa through Lao Embassy in the country you live or at the border before enter Laos.  The fee for Laos Visa vary depend on where you obtain it, what country you are from, and your ethnicity.

If you obtain Laos visa at the border before enter Laos, the fee for Australia is (USD) $30.00, Canada (USD) $42.00, and USA $35.00.   You will need a 2 by 2 photo with you.  This is the most convenience way to obtain Laos visa.

If you obtain Laos visa in the country you live in, check with the Lao Embassy for the latest fee.

Timeline on our trip:

Took 24 hours to fly from Chicago, IL, United States to Bangkok, Thailand.   We then flew Bangkok to Udon Thani and took the Minivan limousine from Udon Thani to the Thai-Lao border and crossed over to the Laos border and applied our Laos visa there.

About 24 to 30 hours fly from USA to Bangkok, Thailand.

We arrived in Vientiane city late in the afternoon on November 17, 2017 and had our late launch at the morning market food court.

Morning Market food court in Vientiane, Laos.

In the evening, we toured the night market at the Chao Anou Park and rested for the night to get ready to go to Phongsavanh the next day.


Chao Anou Park, Vientiane, Laos.

Stay tune for Episode 2 on the Suab Hmong News Channel coming up.