United Hmong American Association Promotes Hmong High School Graduates for Higher Education


by Richard Wanglue Vang

Milwaukee, WI — United Hmong American Association (UHAA) held its 2nd Annual high school graduation recognition event on June 23, 2012 in Appleton, Wisconsin to promote Hmong high school graduates to pursue higher education.

Zoua Yang, one of the founders of UHAA, said that she’s proud on what she and her group have been doing so far for the Hmong community in the Appleton area.  “We are so glad that we have one scholarship to give away to one of the graduates….it’s worth it when you see the reactions and the needs from the graduates,” said Zoua Yang.

In 2012, UHAA expanded its high school graduated recognition to include Hmong high school graduates from the surrounding counties near Appleton, Wisconsin.  {sidebar id=1}

A total of 66 Hmong high school graduates registered with UHAA to attend and receive recognition, and to have a chance to win a scholarship to help them to pursue their higher education; however, only 20 of the high school graduates attended the event.

Majority of the Hmong parents and Hmong leaders in the Hmong community in Appleton, Wisconsin area did not attend the event.  “As I see today… that Hmong parents and Hmong leaders do not attend and support this event… in the future, we need to be more organized to find a way to bring Hmong leaders and Hmong parents to attend and support events like this…” said Naotou Lor, President of the Lao Veteran of Wisconsin.  

Naotou continued that an event like this one is very important to motivate the children, and to encourage them to pursue a higher education.  “There are songs written and sung from Hmong to courage Hmong to love and support one another, but how come the Hmong community, Hmong leaders and Hmong parents are not attending and supporting an event like this,” said Naotou Lor.

Naotou Lor was one of the distinguish speakers at the United Hmong American Association’s event.

“I think that the United Hmong Association is a really good organization… this is like the first time I heard of them… their idea of helping and recognizing the Hmong students that have graduated are very good.. because they getting us out there and they are helping and supporting us,” said one of the high school graduates.

Houa Vang, spokesperson for Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin, said that it is time for the Hmong community to come together to support and promote education.  The Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin is willing to work together with UHAA to support higher education.

UHAA plans to hold its 3rd annual event for the 2013 high school graduates sometime in June of 2013.  If you or someone you know will be graduating in 2013 and would like to know more about UHAA’s event and scholarship, contact UHAA at 920-205-3861.
UHAA provides free recognition and scholarship to Hmong high school graduates who are currently living in the Appleton, Wisconsin area.

Stay tune for Suab Hmong News Special Coverage on 2012 United Hmong American Association’s event coming up sometime in the middle of July 2012.

Richard Wanglue Vang is the Executive Producer of TV and Radio programming for SHIBC News.  Any question on this article, contact richardwanglue@shrdo.com.

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