UPDATE: Attorney Herman Franczk (Hmong 1) lawsuit against the Lao Government

SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/19/2016) —  March 9, 2019 at the Federal Court in Sacramento, California was the first court session to discuss the lawsuit Attorney Herman Franczk (Hmong 1) filed against the Lao government.
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Attorney Herman Franczk said the court wanted to take sometimes to make decision on the case.
None of the Lao government defendants presented at the court on March 9, 2016.
“The judge took it as what we called under submission which means she hasn’t decided the case yet.  She had some questions for me… we had some answers to those and then she agreed there’s some legal issues that she wanted to decide.  The main issue the judge got involved in is to what extend did any of this ever happened on the USA soil and I was trying to explain to the judge that one of the thing that happened was the agreement made between our president and the former king of Laos about allowing the secret army into Laos and to operate.  And I was trying to explain to her that without that agreement, none of these would ever happened.  The court is going to be looking at that to see if the context or the contacts with U.S.A. in U.S.A. is enough to allow the case to proceed here” said Attorney Herman Franczk.
Attorney Franczk expects to hear from the court in about couple week from March 9, 2016.
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