UPDATED (04/22/2016): Seng Xiong 2nd Court Appearance

SUAB HMONG NEWS (04/22/2016) — Seng Xiong, 48, who is charged with wire fraud for operating an affinity fraud scheme, went before the U.S. District Court in Saint Paul, Minnesota today, April 22, 2016.
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Xiong, with a provisionally requested counsel, sought for a continuance in the preliminary hearing and to address detention. Xiong was granted the extension and currently remains in U.S. Marshall’s custody until his next court appearance.
The available seats in the court room were filled with more than 20 Hmong individuals, some spectators, some family members, and some who came because of curiosity.
Xiong was seated with his counsel, dressed in a blue short sleeved polo with khaki pants and brown shoes.
In Xiong’s initial hearing in California, Xiong was appointed a U.S. federal defender, however, when he was transferred to Minnesota, he was appointed a provisionally requested counsel.  Xiong is looking to retain a private counsel for his case. As of today, he has not yet, hence the extension in the preliminary hearing.
Xiong’s next court appearance will be April 27, 2016 at 10AM.
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