UPDATED: 3 Hmong filed civil lawsuit against the United States


SUAB HMONG NEWS (01/06/2016) — Three (Ko Vang, David Vang, and Fue Vang) out of the twelve Hmong included General Vang Pao accused by the United States on plotting a plan to take over Laos in 2006 filed a Civil lawsuit against the United States early 2015 is now in progress in the Federal Court in Sacramento, California.
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a0CLICK HERE to watch Ted Vang, Hmong Report, exclusive interviewed Herman Franck, the lawyer representing the case.

“We are suing Special Agent Steven Decker and we also suing U.S.A. so… this is a case against the Federal Government and we also suing the Director of Alcohol Tobacco Fire and Explosive” said Herman Franck.

Watch the Suab Hmong News to get the full insight of the interviewed for the latest development of the case.

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