Visited Banda Phao Nasala – Hmong Cultural Dance Group in Laos


by Richard Wanglue

April 25, 2013 – During my tour of Laos, I stopped by Ban Nasala and visited Professor Lee Neng Thao and his Banda Phao Nasala, a Hmong Cultural Dance group in Ban Nasala.

Ban Nasala is a good 30 to 45 minute drive from Vientiane. I spent the rest of my day talking to Professor Lee Neng Thao and visited his training facility. He preferred to discuss off camera, and agreed for us to video record the group at the end of the interview.{sidebar id=1}

The Banda Phao Nasala Hmong Cultural Dance group consists of individuals who have expertise in playing many types of Hmong instruments, singing in many types of Hmong traditional songs, and performing dances as a group to represent the Hmong culture and the Hmong history.

Professor Lee Neng Thao said that he started the group early in the 1990s and took the group to compete with local and national competition where they won multiple first place awards. His group got invited to perform at many local, national, and International events. His group also performed at the last opening of the Sea game in Vientiane as well.

“We got invited to perform in Vietnam and that was a memorable trip for us” said Professor Lee Neng Thao.

The group is scheduled to perform locally and nationally throughout the 2013 year.

I met with the majority of the Banda Phao Nasala Hmong Cultural Dance group and many of them recognized Suab Hmong Broadcasting via YouTube.

suabhmong-news-00760I was asked by Professor Lee Neng Thao to speak to the Banda Phao Nasala Hmong Cultural Dance Group to give them words of encouragement, and motivation for the participants in the group to continue utilizing their talented skills and continue performing.

Banda Phao Nasala Hmong Dance Group is the only Hmong group in Laos that performs locally, nationally, and internationally to represent the Hmong culture and history.

Professor Lee Neng Thao is in the process of building a facility for the group in Ban Nasala. He is asking for individuals and organizations around the world to help donate money to build the facility. If you are interested in donating money to help build the Banda Phao Nasala Hmong Cultural Center, please contact us at this email

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