Want to cut breast cancer risk? Do exercise daily!


If you want to cut breast cancer risk, you should do exercise daily. According to a new study women who work out are three times less likely to die of breast cancer.

The study was done by University of South Carolina researchers who indicated that aerobically fit women are three times less likely to die of the disease than those who seldom exercise.

According to the news reports, researchers compared the fitness levels of the 68 women in the study group who had died of breast cancer through 2003. For this researchers examined 14,000 women who were given preventive medical exams and treadmill tests at the Cooper Clinic in Houston from 1970-2001.

At the time of their exams, the women, ages 20 through 83, had no history of breast cancer. Based on the treadmill tests, the women’’s fitness was classified as low, moderate or high.

To reach the moderate fitness category, women need to exercise about 150 minutes per week. High fitness translates to 300 minutes per week, the report said further.

Green Tea, Mushrooms Decrease Breast Cancer, Study Says    
According to a study published in the March issue of the International Journal of Cancer, Chinese women who consumed mushrooms and green tea had a lower risk of breast cancer than those who did not.

The results were based on face-to-face interviews conducted in 2004 and 2005 with 1,009 female patients age 20 to 87 with histologically confirmed breast cancer, as well as with an equal number of healthy women in the same age group. Researchers asked the women questions about mushroom and tea consumption, diet and lifestyle.

They found a statistically significant trend of inverse relationship between mushroom eating and breast cancer. It was even more remarkable when tea drinking was added.

"We conclude that higher dietary intake of mushrooms decreased breast cancer risk in pre- and post-menopausal Chinese women and an additional decreased risk of breast cancer from joint effect of mushrooms and green tea was observed," the abstract stated.

The conclusion added that further research exploring the relationship between mushrooms, tea and breast cancer was warranted.

Source from: http://www.freshnews.in/want-to-cut-breast-cancer-risk-do-exercise-daily-132973