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Suab Hmong News correspondents, Neng Xiong, Kangyee Vang, and Paolee Vang, covered Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee (HHPC) protest against Lao Family Community (LFC) of Minnesota on March 14, 2014 in St. Paul, Minnesota.
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Vang Ying, former Executive Director for LFC of MN, called ChuPheng Lee, the active President of LFC of MN, to resign.  “President ChuPheng… you’ve been here too long… it’s time for you to step down,” said Vang Ying.

There were some confrontations at the protesting area when Pa Xa Vang, one of the Vang Clan leaders, called all the Vangs to go home.  “If your last name is Vang, you go home…” said Pa Xa Vang.

ChuPheng Lee said that LFC is currently waiting for a meeting to be setup by the Hmong 18 Clan Council of Minnesota to discuss the current issues.  

ChuPheng continued saying that all the allegations regarding to the LFC building are misleading.  “We setup a committee to seek funds to maintain the building…” said ChuPheng Lee.

There were about 54 people including the media at the protesting area.

The protesting started at 1:00PM and ended at 4:00PM.

Watch Suab Hmong News exclusive coverage for more detail information on the protesting.

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