What Should Hmong Event Coordinators Do To Resolve the Fighting That Has Taken Place during the Hmong Soccer games?


By Richard Wanglue Vang

Milwaukee, WI — Soccer is still the number one sport played and competed in the Hmong community at Hmong soccer tournaments.  The fighting and even killing by players of opposing teams was severe in the past; however, intentional nasty plays by players still exist in almost all Hmong soccer events around the country.  What should Hmong event coordinators do to help prevent and stop the un-sportsmanship like plays that sometimes lead to fights and killings?  Why do Hmong event coordinators allow players with a different agenda on the field, and should they even allow players who intentionally hurt others to play? What can Hmong event coordinators do to prevent fights and unnecessary plays?  What can they do to provide a safer environment for players and spectators who come to watch? These are some of the questions we are all wondering. {sidebar id=1}

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Some of our Suab Hmong Broadcasting suggestions we would like to propose to Hmong event coordinators around the country:
• All soccer teams who participate to compete in the event must have a coach.
• Drivers License and other forms of ID of the coach must be photo copied for security purpose.
• The coach is responsible for his team in all occurrences.  This means that the coach is responsible for every one on his team no matter what the circumstances may be.
• The coach must sign a consent responsible form.  This form will be used for any legal actions against his/her team for any wrong and intentional actions that any one on the team commits.
• The referee must be certified and must enforce rules, especially the “danger plays” committed by the players (a red card should be given on the first attempt).
• Any threats by any of the players after a red card is issued must be reported to the authority right away for security purposes.

The precautions listed above, if not all, some should be taken into consideration for future Hmong soccer tournaments and events. We hope and believe that as we move into the future, any sort of violent behavior, threats, intentional un-sportsman like plays will be handled properly and will decrease not only for the safety of the soccer players but for the spectators who are there to watch as well.

One emphasize on our behalf to the Hmong event coordinators, is that they should always use Referees that are certified by the state where the event is taking place.  Hmong Soccer Referees should always obey the mainstream soccer referee rules and regulations; wear socks and proper shoes while refereeing in the field, hats are not allowed (only in a certain condition), and most of all, they should control the field by moving the side spectators away from the field lines, so that proper and adequate judgments could be made.

We hope that our message will be taken into consideration by all the Hmong event coordinators, and that they will change their rules and regulations for the safety of the players, who in one form or another is a brother, sister, father, mother, cousin, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, and most of all, a love one. Safety should be the top priority taken into consideration.

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