Work hard to reach goals come true to a Hmong woman


SUAB HMONG NEWS (06/22/2016) – Lee Xiong (Qaim Hli Xyooj) always remember her father’s words to inspire her to study hard and working toward her goals in life.

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Lee Xiong came to America at the age of 14.

She came with her parent to America as refugee status and settled in Wausau, Wisconsin and live there until now.

Lee Xiong was among the Hmong women who married at early age.

“When I was in high school, I already married and have three children” said Lee Xiong.

What motivated Lee Xiong to pursue higher education and stay focus on her goals was words from her father “You must sacrifice yourself to work hard from 5 to 10 years to reach your goals and then you will live with happy there after”.

She took 5 years to finish her 2 year degree.

She worked two jobs while went to school part-time.
Lee Xiong now owned many businesses included a Senior Care and a restaurant in Wausau, Wisconsin.