Xe Xiong (Ntxheb Xyooj), an orphan and a survivor


SUAB HMONG TALKSHOW — Paolee Vang, News Correspondent for Suab Hmong News, exclusive interviewed Xe Xiong, from Thailand, on the insight her life by being an orphan and a survivor.

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Xe Xiong’s birth parent sold her to her current parent.  “I heard people around the village talked about me that I am not the real daughter of my current parent and I asked my current parent and they told me that they bought me from my real parent because they did not have children so they bought me…” said Xe Xiong.

Throughout Xe Xiong early life, she took care cows and Buffalos at the farm.

She’s very excited to visit her new mothers here in the United States, those that helped her and accepted her as their daughter.

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