Xeng Te Lee debuts on the Suab Hmong Entertainment


(SHB) — Xeng Te Lee (Xeev Tej Lis), the big brother of Ling Lee, debuts on the Suab Hmong Entertainment to talk about some insight life in China and how Hmong-China movies are making.
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a0Click here to watch Richard Wanglue Vang, News Anchor, exclusive interview Xeng Te Lee at the 2014-15 Chiangmai Hmong New Year Celebration at Mae Rim, Thailand on January 1st, 2015.

Xeng Te Lee said that there are two major difficult things in China; one is having children and second is to make Hmong movie and to release Hmong movies in China.

“The Chinese government has a policy that set very high on the price of making movie in China so we Hmong are still in the poverty level and we cannot afford to do it… “ said Xeng Te Lee.

“If you are farmer, the Chinese government allowed you to have two children but if you are working in the office (government job), the Chinese government allowed you to have one child… “ Said Xeng Te Lee.

Xeng Te Lee is calling for the Hmong community to support Hmong movies because they tell story about Hmong to world.

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