Yengtha Her’s latest movie “The last assignment”

SUAB HMONG ENTERTAINMENT (11/10/2016) – Yengtha Her’s latest movie “The last assignment” will be shown on the big screen for a limited time on November 12 and 13, 2016 at AMC Rosedale 14, 850 Rosedale Ctr, Roseville, Minnesota.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News interview Yengtha Her on his latest movie “The last assignment”.

Yengtha Her said the take away after watching the movie is the storyline, the location, and action of the movie.

“I like to do movie that has storyline into the future… something that has not happen or exist yet… “ said Yengtha Her.

The movie will be released to sell throughout Hmong New Year and events around the United States.

“I will be at the 2016-17 Sacramento Hmong New Year, Milwaukee Hmong New Year, Hmong International New Year and other places” said Yengtha Her.

For more detail info on the movie, contact Yengtha Her through his facebook