1st Hmong Women’s Conference at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN


St. Paul, MN — More than 200 people participated 1st Hmong Women’s Conference on May 26, 2012 at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The theme was “Empowering Hmong Women in the 21st Century”.

There were many presenters from the local areas and from out of states.  The conference topic included “Healthy Marriage”, “How the Judicial System Works”, and etc…

One of the presenters was Mayjoua Joyce Vang.  She was the first Hmong woman to receive a scholarship from the Lao Government to study abroad following her graduation form Lycee of Vientiane, Laos.  She has an A.A. Sociology degree and a Certificate 2 of Ethnology from University of Bordeaus, France, equivalent to BA of Ethnology here in the US.  She is currently retired and lives in Orange County, CA.  Ms. Vang is in the process of editing and publishing her late father, Phagna Tougeu Lyfoung’s momoires, a Hmong leader in Laos covering period 1920 to 2004.{sidebar id=1}

The Honorable Judge Gary W. Bastian presented the topic “How the Judicial System Works”.  He graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1974.  He is currently a District Court Judge in the Second Judicial District Ramsey County Court.

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During the Panel Discussion on “How the Judicial System Works”, Rebecca Roosow, Family Court Referee in Ramsey County, said that divorce will be granted automatically in the Ramsey County after the 30 days noticed from the court filed by one of the spouse and the other spouse does not doing anything about it.

“I learned that in order to have a healthy life, there are three things that one person must have…” said a Hmong woman.