2015 Hmong Music Festival in Fresno, California


SUAB HMONG E-NEWS — 2015 Hmong Music Festival held in Fresno, California on May 23, 2015 from 2:00PM to 2:00AM.

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Many of the audiences interviewed by Alisa Xiong, News Correspondent for Hmong Report, said they were there to see the Sounders and Ma Vue.

“It’s classic and great to see the Sounders on stage… for our generation”

“I am a big fan of the Sounders and Ma Vue..”

“Sounders like the best…”

A Hmong Dancer group “Nkauj Ci Iab” performed dances for Ma Vue.

“Ma Vue watched my solo and then she really liked it… my solo was “tsab ntawv” so when she watched it she really liked it and she said I really wanted your group to perform for me… “ said one of the dancer of “Nkauj Ci Iab”

“I think it went really well… I was not expecting the crowd to react the way they did and they just proved to me that this what I do what I do…” said Ma Vue, Singer.

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