2016 Election Results for Hmong Political Candidates

SUAB HMONG NEWS (11/10/2016) – Hmong political candidates are on the rising in Minnesota, California, and Wisconsin.

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Hmong political candidates win in Minnesota:

Fong Hawj regain his second four year term as State Senator for District 67, Eastside of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Fue Lee wins Minnesota State Representative for District 59A, North of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Susan Kaying Pha wins City Council Ward W in the City of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Hmong political candidates win in California:

Steve Ly wins Mayor for City of Elk Grove, California.  Steve Ly is the first Hmong Mayor in the United States.

Lee Lor wins Merced County Board Supervisor

Mai Vang wins Sacramento City School Board
Brandon Vang wins Sanger School Board.

Upcoming election in April 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is Kashoua Yang for Milwaukee County Judge.