218 identified remaining Hmong bodies dug at Wat Thamkrabok more than a decade ago have been put into rest at Ban Lao Ou, ChiangRai, Thailand


SUAB HMONG NEWS (12/29/2016) – Hmong around the world witness the digging of Hmong graves at Wat Thamkrabok, Thailand by a Chinese firm early in October 2005. A Hmong committee “National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee” was formed to find solution to the digging of Hmong graves. The first committee was dissolved and Vang Xiong reformed the second committee and was be able to carry the new vision and mission forward.

Suab Hmong News and Hmong Report traveled to Thailand at the beginning of December 2016 to cover the final chapter of the remaining identified 218 bodies.

Richard Wanglue Vang, Executive Producer and News Anchor for Suab Hmong News, and Atary Xiong, Executive Producer for Hmong Report, traveled with Vang Thai, a former Major of the Lao King Loyal Army, to meet and discuss with Thai officials and representatives of the Hou Ling cemetery at Kaeng Ghoy District to relocate and rebury the remaining identified 218 bodies.

On December 15, 2016, Vang Thai and Xuwicha Heranprueck (nick name “Phee Noi”) and the representatives of the Hou Ling cemetery at Kaeng Ghoy District came to an agreement and the Hou Ling cemetery agreed to release the remaining identified 218 bodies from the cemetery.
With the supports of the Thai officials in the Saraburi region, the identified 218 bodies have been transported from the Hou Ling cemetery to Ban Lao Ou in Chiangrai.

On December 18, 2016, the identified 218 bodies have been reburied at Ban Lao Ou cemetery site in Chiangrai, Thailand.

“We welcome the 218 bodies to rebury here on our cemetery. We all are Hmong and we are one family” said one of the elderly Hmong at Ban Lao Ou village. (He wanted to remain anonymous).
“Every Hmong around the world must remember December 15. It is the date we won our fight to get the remaining 218 Hmong bodies that have been dug at Wat Thamkrabok, Thailand and reburied them” said Vang Thai.

Vang Xiong, Chair of the National Hmong Grave Desecration, thanks everyone with their helps and supports into getting the identified 218 bodies reburied in Thailand.

Suab Hmong News and Hmong Report will be released a full coverage of the Hmong grave desecration in Thailand on the Suab Hmong News Channel on Youtube and on Crossingstv, Channel 8.1 local TV in Sacramento, CA, Comcast Channel 398 in Central California, and Comcast Channel 175 in the Twincities, Minnesota.

Suab Hmong News and Hmong Report will be showcased a segment of the identified 218 bodies at the Hmong Media Fundraising in Fresno, CA on December 30, 2016.