5th Annual GVP Memorial Golf Tournament held on May 26 and 27, 2018

5th Annual GVP Memorial Golf Tournament held on May 26 and 27, 2018.

SUAB HMONG NEWS (07/22/2018) – The 5th Annual GVP Memorial Golf Tournament held in St. Paul, Minnesota from May 26 to 27, 2018.

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“Total of 104 persons registered for the 2018 GVP Memorial Golf Tournament.  People came from Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Oklahoma, and the East coast.  There are two persons came from France to compete with us.  Also there are Laotian and Vietnamese came and compete in this tournament as well” said Kou Vang, Event Coordinator.

Nhia Chao “Francois” Vang, The older son of General Vang Pao, came to support the 5th Annual GVP Golf Tournament.   Nhia Chao Vang said despite the war in Laos, his father was very supportive of many sports.  “All my father life, even he was very busy with the war and everything, he was very supportive of other activities too.  Especially sports activities for the young people.  As you know in the 60s and 70s in Laos, he used to send a team, a soccer team to different areas, Savannakhet, Luang Prabang, and Vientiane to play soccer competed with other team” said Nhia Chao Vang.

Coua Vang won the GVP Memorial Lady Golf tournament and Kong Mong Her won the GVP Memorial Men Golf Tournament.

Chong Lia Vang, GVP Memorial Golf Tournament Coordinator, said Coua Vang was the first woman won in the GVP Memorial Golf Lady Tournament.   “This is the first year we have women competition” said Chong Lia Vang.

Koua Vang encourage all the younger generation to attend the 2019 GVP Memorial Golf Tournament to familiar and possible to become a Golf player in their future.