83-year-old, elderly woman bit by Coon Rapids Police’s dog


SUAB HMONG NEWS (02/05/2017) – Joua Xiong, 83-year-old, said she went outside her house to her shed in her backyard to get something early in the morning on February 5, 2017 before heading to church with her grandson and while she was inside her shed, she heard people talking with voices and then two dogs attacked her.

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 “Two dogs attacked me. One bit my left hand and I pulled the water hole set to protect me from the second one” said Joua Xiong.
Xiong said while the dogs were attacking her, she yelled very loud and the police officers stopped the dogs from attacking her and the police officers went and dragged her all the way from the shed to the police car.
“Two police grabbed me. One grabbed my hands and one grabbed by waist and dragged me… My legs and body pain all over from the police dragged me” said Joua Xiong.
Brad Wise, Police Chief for Coon Rapids Police Department, said during the Suab Hmong News interviewed that the police responded to a 911 called from one of Joua Xiong’s neighbor reported that a burglary was in progress on the side of her house.
“A person who we later found out was a neighbor of this elderly woman called 911 a little after 6:30 in the morning reported that there was a person dressed all in black in her backyard and was banging against the side of her house and that the caller thought that there had was burglary that was in progress that she was afraid for her and the… actually we later found out her two young girls” said Brad Wise, Police Chief for Coon Rapids Police Department.
Wise continues said when the police officers arrived on the area and it was still relatively dark and the police officers saw somebody going into a shed next door neighbor. The police officers communicated back and forth and believed that they trapped a burglary suspect inside a shed.  The police officers gave several commands for the person to come out and show his/her hands and let him/her know that there was a K9 (Dog) presented and will be using it when needed. After several commands was giving, the police officers let the dog went inside the shed and the dog grabbed and bit the left hand of the elderly woman and the officers rushed in to take custody of the suspect. Then the police found out that there was an elderly woman in her 80s and cannot speak English.
“This morning at 7:00, I heard people knocked on my windows and my door and said this is the police… I woke up and I went to the door and the police were at my door and asked me if there is an elderly woman live here and I said yes she is my grandma. The police said they have a report that a burglary was taking place and they let their dog bit her and she is at their car. The police officers asked for information about my grandma and myself and said they will take my grandma to the hospital” said Seng Vang, Joua Xiong’s grandson.
Wise said he was scheduled to meet with Joua Xiong’s family to discuss the incident in the afternoon of February 6, 2017.
If anyone have any questions regarding this case, you can call and talk to Brad Wise, Police Chief for Coon Rapids Police Department at 763-767-6401.