A Family Celebration for Kang Yee Vang Draws Hmong Leaders Together

ST. PAUL, MN — A family celebration was held for Kang Yee Vang and his wife hosted by their children and grandchildren on August 3, 2013 drew Hmong leaders together for an evening of celebration and appreciation.

Some of the Hmong leaders that attended were former Col. Teng Ly, WachongVang (One of General VangPao’s son), Pa Ma Thao (President of Lao Veteran of Minnesota), Boua Fue Vang (President of SGU of Minnesota), former Col. Toufue Vang, and many more.

Kang Yee Vang served as a volunteer videographer for General Vang Pao for many years.  He is now the Program Manager/Videographer for SHIBC (Suab Hmong International Broadcasting Co.) News branch in Minnesota.

“Kang Yee has the most video footage containing the history of General Vang Pao’s Hmong community meetings here in the United States,” said Thao Pao Pa Xa Vang, President of Vang Council.

Vaming Xiong, President of Hmong American Ad Hoc Committee, read the life of Kang Yee Vang.

Wachong Vang presented a medal to Kang Yee to thank him for the hard work he has done and still continuing for the Hmong community.

Kou Xiong, a lawyer from Sacramento, CA, presented each Kang Yee and his wife with a watch for them to remember the meaning and adventure of a timeless life.

Richard Wanglue Vang, Owner and Executive Producer for Suab Hmong International Broadcasting Co., revealed how effective Suab Hmong International Broadcasting programs are to Hmong around the world.

“More than 29 million hits as of August 3, 2013 on Suab Hmong International Broadcasting website since May 11, 2000,” said Richard Wanglue Vang.

Former Col Teng Ly was a keynote speaker for the celebration.

He blessed Kang Yee and his family to have a long lasting successful life.

“I knew Kang Yee through God…the reason I say this is that most friendships need time, but Kang Yee and I met each other and became friends instantly,” said Kor Xiong, owner of Hmong Wisconsin Radio.

The celebration also had dance groups, Mulan and Nkauj Hmoob Ntxua Dej performed and singer, Song Vang, one of the Hmong women legendary singers in the Hmong community.

More than 300 close friends and family participated in the celebration in honor of Kang Yee and his wife.