A Hmong-Lao intended to kill a Hmong-American with a knife in Laos


SUAB HMONG NEWS — On April 14, 2015, A video posted on Facebook showing a Hmong-Lao singer identified as Zeb Yaj, grabbing a sharp knife hitting and threating to kill a Hmong-American, Alain Lee in Laos.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News on Hmong inside Laos as April 16, 2015.

Based on our source from Laos, this particular Hmong-Lao has a long trailing history of being a violent person and accusing others for their actions to collect money. As of last year, the Hmong-Lao had previously accused a Hmong American and a Hmong Australian. “After his wife went to France, he accused a Hmong-France as well…” said our source in Laos.

Our source in Laos said that after the latest incident that was shown on the video, Laotian authority arrested this particular Hmong-Lao and he is now in jail.

Alain’s close family is keeping family and friends up to date on Facebook. The latest news from Alain’s family posted on April 14, 2015:

“Friends and family. Just to update everyone on my brother Alain’s situation in Laos. According to a good source from Laos, Alain is being treated in the hospital for his injuries and the accuser has now been arrested by the Laotian authorities. His is a repeated offender and has previously accused of Hmong American and Hmong Australian last year. He and his girlfriend are con artist hungry for money. Unfortunately, Alain is their latest victim. He is Okay and we will update everyone with new information. We have contacted to Police, FBI and will contact the US Attorney’s office tomorrow for help. Thank You”.

We will try to monitor the case as it progresses and we will update everyone right here.