A Hmong-lao killed his mother for not giving him money to buy drug


SUAB HMONG NEWS – August 12, 2015, Ban Nam Ngueng, Sayabouri Province, Laos, Seng Vang age 25, killed his mother after his mother denied to give him money to buy drug.
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The members of the village notified the Lao Authority that Joua Xiong (mother of Seng Vang) died in her son’s home on August 12, 2015. Lao Authority began investigated and brought Seng Vang, son of Joua Xiong, to custody.

Seng Vang confessed to the Lao Authority that on August 12, 2015 at 8:00 AM, his mother, Joua Xiong, arrived at his house and she wanted him to go and help his wife to gardening. He denied to go because he did not have car to get there. Then he asked his mother to give him 50,000 kip to buy rice. After his mother gave him the money, he went to buy drug instead and went to play. Around 4:00PM on August 12, 2015, he got back home and saw his mother, Joua Xiong, still in his house and sat at the kitchen. He asked her for more money to buy rice to eat. His mother denied and asked him what he was doing with the money she gave him in the morning. He replied to his mother that he used all the money to buy drug. After arguments back and forth with his mother, he took a wood about 71 centimeter long and hit his mother on the head once and she died instantly.   He then put her body on the bed and he left to his wife, Pai Xiong, at Ban Hoy Phueng, Muang Ngueng and he went to hideout in the jungle for four days.

August 16, 2015, Lao Authority found him and took him in custody.

This report translated from LAO PSTV.

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