A Hmong man died in Israel after attacked from Palestine.


By: Jingkhu Xiong and Fang Coua Moua contributed to this report.

Netiv Haasara, Israel – On July 23, the Palestinian militants fired rockets on Netiv Haasara, an agricultural community near the Gaza border and killed a Hmong who is a farmworker.

The battle ensued between the two sides killed at least four Israeli soldiers and a Hmong man in Israel.  While Israeli claimed that they have killed ten Palestinian soldiers.  The attack occurred about noon at Netiv Haasara, an Israeli village next to the Gaza Strip.  
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The victim has been identified as 36-year-old Narakorn Kittiyangkol.  His Hmong name is Xang Yang or “Xees Yaj” in the Hmong language.  

On Wednesday afternoon while Mr. Yang and other farmers were taking naps at their greenhouse, the mortar shell fired from Gaza launched on their site.  Mr. Yang got injured from the attack, and he succumbed to his wounds and died at the scene, according to the victim’s sister, Ms. Pacharee.

Israeli media said that Mr. Yang became the third civilian killed by Gaza rockets since the conflict started.  
Thailand official also confirmed that one of its workers was killed in Israel and authority has been notified to the victim’s family.  Thailand authorities are in the process to bring the victim’s body back to Thailand.  

They also urge the Israeli government to move about 4,200 Thai laborers away from the conflict region.  After the death of Mr. Yang, Thai embassy in Tel Aviv had advised its citizens to stop working in the area.  

There is about 25,000 Thai agricultural laborers work in Israel and many of them who are Hmong-Thai.

One of Mr. Yang’s co-workers expressed his feelings on Facebook that if the Thai government cares their citizens in Israel then no one would die.  He stated that there would be no action from the (Thai) government if no one dies there.  He also called the government to explain the situation and its action to help Thai workers in Israel.  

Mr. Xang Yang (Narakorn Kittiyangkol) is Hmong from Pa Klang village, Pua district, Nan province, Thailand.  He went to Israel on June 23 and only had been working there for a month, said Ms. Pacharee.

However, US top diplomat, Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Israel on Wednesday to urge with all sides to end the violence in Gaza that has killed hundreds, including the deaths of numerous Palestinian children.     

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